What You Should Do as a Beginner in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-11-14 20:17:42
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For some people who just start to play The Elder Scrolls Online, here are things you should do or care about in this page.


Below is what you should pay close attention.


1. Enjoy game, do what you want. Level at your own peace, do quests and find the thing you enjoy most. Don't rush to start, grind, power questing, once you've done, then you are clueless on what to do and miss a lot of things. 


2. If you're going to do any group content, learn how to do it right. Do research. Read posts/articles, look up things when you have a question, ask questions in group, watch youtube videos. Nothing in the game teaches you how to do your job right inside a dungeon and most randoms will just berate you for doing things wrong unless you suck up your pride and ask questions/follow their advice. Even a simple "help" or "what am I supposed to do?" In the text chat will usually get you the info you need. Ignorance is not an excuse for letting a whole team down because you don't understand how a boss works.


3. Don't make a hybrid character unless you plan on only doing story content or tanking. Eso let's you build your character how you want. However, that does not mean any build can complete all content. For questing it doesn't really matter, you can spend your point however you like. Vet dungeons/Trails/Pvp need specific builds.


4. Learn to light attack weave if you plan on being a dps, learning it early will help you greatly by the time you get to the point that it matters. Just combo your spells with normal attacks, gives a ton more damage and theres tons of ways to use normal attacks to cancel spell animations in eso. Faster spell output is equal to more damage output. Its remarkable how many people forget to use their weapon entirely once they get two full bars of spells.


5. Joining a guild is a good idea. Do quests for a guild. You will unlock new guild specific skills. Also guilds have quest line wuth unique story that will span across ( aprox ) 45 levels. As you get better standings with guild, new quests will unlock with a good story behind guilds.


There is just a little things you should care about. Then what you should do is to keep your own pace, and figure out the game rules and progress gradually. Hope these can be a little beneficial for you. Have fun with your games with enough eso gold.