Why Do Player Want Player Housing in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-09-21 13:45:29
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But why do we want player housing? Here’s a few reasons to consider:



1. To Make ESO More Like A Traditional Elder Scrolls Game Yes, The Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG, and some would argue that the game shares little in common with other ES titles (though it can be said that this is changing with the advent of the Justice System in Update 1.6). Without getting into a debate on whether ESO is an Elder Scrolls game or not, player housing would definitely give the MMORPG a more single player feel, and would add great appeal for PvE players.

2. Give Us A Place To Keep Our Stuff One of the challenging aspects of ESO is balancing the amount of stuff you collect with the game’s limited bank and bag space. Yes, Update 1.6 will provide some relief with pets and trophies no longer taking up valuable slots, but more room is still needed. Players (myself included) have made alternate characters just to store inventory. Like in Skyrim, player housing would provide a means to store all the stuff you just can’t bear to part with, and would allow us to display all the trophies and armor sets we’ve collected throughout our travels.

3. Place of Relaxation and Refuge One of things that I really enjoy about Skyrim’s Hearthfire expansion is the ability to create my own special place — a place to get away from the questing, dungeon diving, etc. that takes up the bulk of my time in-game. In a like manner, player housing in The Elder Scrolls Online would give us all a place of relaxation and refuge — a place to hang our hats after PvP, grinding, and all the other MMORPG elements. Housing could definitely provide a unique experience, providing even deeper game immersion. With crafting tables, research rooms and personal living space, we’d have a private home base to focus on our character’s development.

4. Decorating and Means to Acquire Player housing in The Elder Scrolls Online would allow us to acquire furnishings and unique collectibles. Special items could be found in-game, but convenience items like trophy racks, bookcases, and more could be sold in the upcoming Crown Store. Purchases would help support the game we love, and we’d have a chance to trick out our houses just the way we want.