Why Is Vampire Dragonknight the Best in ESO PVP ?

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-07-21 11:09:43
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Many of players think that vampire Dragonknight is invincible in PVP. But few of players know why the vampire Dragonknigh is so strong. Before answering the problem, we look at a skill first.



Believe that you are familiar for the ultimate vampire skill, Bat Swarm. The ultimate skill with passive skills is the most powerful attack in PVP. The advanced ability Devouring Swarm is tested. Even if 20 enemies attack him together, the vampire Dragonknight can cast Devouring Swarm and not completely lose his Health when there are 4 or 5 enemies around him. Bat Swarm is the premise of survival. However, it is not enough to just cast the ultimate skill in PVP.

The next question: why can the vampire Dragonknight defeat 20 enemies by himself in PVP?

The key is Dark Talons and Battle Roar the Dragonknight class has. Dark Talons immobilizes nearby enemies for more than 3 seconds. The more enemies around him, the more Health he restores by Bat Swarm. The passive skill, Battle Roar, can restore Health, Magicka and Stamina.

The more Magicka = the more damage Dark Talons deal.

The more Stamina (the frequently casting Block) = the longer time for immunization and less damage

The three skills above can be a perfect skill rotation, because the rotation can be for restoring Health and Magicka + immobilizing + damage. This is, the Dragonknight can apply the rotation: Dark Talons - Bat Swarm - Dark Talons- Bat Swarm… The Dragonknight is few chances to be killed. in PVP battlefield.

Stuation of Dragonknight in PVP
Whether Dragonknight is a vampire or not, the class is good choice for PVP, because he has AOE skills, the capability of Health restoration and high DPS. Thus, Dragonknight is main force to attack other player teams in PVP. The class can draw the fire of enemies to for the teammates to create chances of controlling enemy players and dealing damage.