Why the Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium So Unique and Playable

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-12-08 02:03:18
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The Orsinium DLC pack for the Elder Scrolls Online has been downloading on PC for quite a while. Containing single player franchise environment and solo content, this DLC is fantasy and really brings in the Elder Scrolls feel of the game. What’s more, it is a new frontier for players and Zenimax with almost 100% PVE contents and all unique storylines.

Orsinium is a new frontier for Zenimax and ESO players
Similar to Darkness Falls, Imperial City is very different on many fronts, plus its mixture of PVP and PVE at the same time, the DLC is not much welcomed. However, Orsinium is not like that case. With no previous expansion for comparison, it’s a new frontier for players and Zenimax. Its 100% PvE, among which about 90% is solo driven, while the other 10% of content is group driven. The world bosses there are challenging and you would get wiped trying to defeat them, but that is the factor that makes Orsinium better. There is nothing worse than paying subscription and eso gold for a DLC and not being able to experience an impression contents but just walk through easily.

You can get all Orsinium PVE contents at any level
One of the most amazing features of Orsinium would be the fact that all-new PVE contents are provided for all players regardless of their levels. You can be accessible to any adventure you want but needn’t to be level cap to enter this zone. Your level will be adjusted to an appropriate level so that you can get a challenging, but not impossible content. This feature also applies to the new solo arena - Maelstrom Arena, so that you stats would be increased to make sure you won’t get completely sucked.

All unique storylines for both primary and side quests
Almost all zones in Orsinium have their own unique storyline. Without going into any spoilers the story has ties to one in Glenumbra. Though it’s neat the content are kept connected, while playing it, you would feel similar to that storyline. In addition, both side quests stories and the primary one are all exciting and the overall storyline is exactly what you expect from the Elder Scrolls.

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